by Dustaphonics

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The Jinx A. Westlye/ Y. Serrano 2009 Chorus I got one eye on you honey You got your eye on the money You look at me like I’m funny I don’t know Quite if you know what your thinking? Objectify your position You’re rolling in the dominion Of the soul Verse 1 You get your kicks You get your kicks You get your kicks (runnin and runnin away) You get your kicks You get your You get your (runnin away) So tell me do you know? About your education Its played on every show Its played on every station Because I’ve got something to say You’re telling me to go away (ay, ay ay, ay) Oh you just make me wanna stay Chorus X1 Rock’n’Roll….Jinx Breakdown Hey hey hey Hey hey hey Adlib Chorus X1
When it happened, Something Snapped inside me Made me wanna hide All on my own, all on my own I stood up on the stand my eyes shut tight Didn't wanna see anybody Feeling alright, having a good time heh Doing alright, doing alright Doing alright, doing alright I saw into the dancing crowd Felt like screaming out loud I saw you standing there Saw your long, your long hair yeah Opened up my eyes baby You made me realize what I wanna do now I wanna do now babe, looking at you Looking at you babe, looking at you Looking at you, looking at you baby You baby (x6) Yeah yeah Written-By – D.Thompson*, F. Smith*, D. Michael*, W. Kramer* Looking at You © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
Catwoman A. Westlye - Y.Serrano 2009 Verse 1 She’s a cautious girl, if I might say Tiptoes around in the middle of the day That’s what she does She makes her mover just like a player Oh how she grooves when she’s winning the game You fall in love Chorus 1 You got to let her go You should let her go I’m letting you know You should let her go Gots to let her go now Verse 2 Shes takin another route She’s makin another way She’s makin a dash shoot As she sneaks through the alley She thinks she’s free She has to get away from her own shadow Dawn night and day And though she runs she always finds she ends up in the same place That’s what she said! Chorus 2 Your not gonna see her every day No, your not gonna see her any day soon Because she only has time to play Verse 3 She can take you high Or take you low She’ll take your heart and she’ll keep your soul If you give her control She’ll take your mind and twist it up You just might find that you’ve run out of luck when She gets her hands on you Chorus 3 You gotta let her go now You gotta let her go You gotta let her go now Before she takes all control You gotta let her go Gots to let her go now (oooh) Instrumental break Verse 4 Now even though she’s moving on you can’t let go You get you money out but she’s got more? Such desperate times! Chorus 4 You gotta let her go You gotta let her go You gotta let her go Let her go Oh oh oh You don’t know what she’s doing to you Gotta let her go (ohhh) Verse 5 Now you’re in too deep Out of your depth She took it all so there’s nothing left Where do you go from here? But deep inside there’s a little shred A ray of light in the top of your head Trying to get in! Let it in Chorus 5 You gotta let it in You gotta let it in You gotta let it in, let it in Let it in, let it in, let it in You!


This is Dustaphonics First EP on Muster records/Vampisoul Madrid! Enjoy!


released August 22, 2011


all rights reserved




London Garage Rhythm & Blues Groovers, Soul Slammers, Surf Sizzlers, Rock’n’Roll Rave- Ups.

Composed of founder band leader, music director, producer, guitarist Yvan Serrano, who assembles a specific rotating line-up of great London-based singers & Musicians: Vocalists Aina, Kay, Hayley and Gizelle Smith. Musicians: Dan Whaley, Bruce Brand, Michael Jablonka, Ludo Nagy, Eric Frajria, etc..
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